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42nd Annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration

April 15, 2024

This April, set sail for the Conch Republic's 42nd Annual Independence Celebration! There's plenty to see and do, whether you're a rip-roaring scallywag or just love having a good time! 


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If you're going to be in Key West this April, then you should check out the unique 42nd Annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration, happening April 19th through 28th, 2024. At this vibrant celebration, you can party with pirates, admirals, generals, ambassadors, and other island royalty.

10 days of fun! More than 20 exciting events! You don't want to miss this! 


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This extravaganza commemorates the Florida Keys' symbolic secession from the United States in 1982 (which was the result of a lighthearted disagreement over a Border Patrol blockade). As you might expect, the events that take place as a part of this quirky Key West celebration are diverse and entertaining. 

Participate in a conch shell blowing contest, pirate adventures, bar crawls, a drag race, a concert, or any number of other events. Throughout the celebration, you can enjoy delicious seafood, theatrical entertainment, history, and even some family fun! 

View the full event schedule here: https://conchrepublic.com/events/ 

Whether you're a history buff, a family seeking a unique vacation experience, or simply someone who enjoys a good party, the Conch Republic Independence Celebration has something for everyone! 

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