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Florida Keys Beach Guide

April 25, 2018

Headed to the Keys but not sure which beach to go to? We’ve got your answer.  Beach time can mean all sorts of things to all different people, so here are a few ideas to get you started, depending on what kind of beach day you would like to have.  

Looking for an authentic natural beach?  Fort Zachary State Park might be the best place.  This beach boasts a natural beach made of ground coral, so make sure to bring your water shoes or good sandals along. Fun kids playing splash at beach There are 54 acres of explorable park where you can find walking trails and picnic tables, all great for a beach cookout.  Fort Zachary also boasts crystal clear water so gorgeous and perfect for snorkeling right off the beach. This beach would be perfect for a day spent basking in the sun with family and friends.

White sand and palm trees might be more your speed however.  In the Keys, this can be a harder beach to find.  Since most of the beach area in the Keys are reef like beaches that tend to be more rocky and rough, white sand beaches tend to be a little bit trickier to find.  However, Sombrero Beach is special.  Not only does it have a sandy white beach area, but it also has handicap accessible areas, volleyball courts, and a playground.  This beach is perfect for a family day.

Evening light on palm trees in Naples, Florida.

Family time is great, but maybe your best family member is your four-legged friend that you love bringing with you on all your adventures.  Dog Beach could be paradise for your furry friend.  This is one of the only beaches in the Keys that your dog can be off leash.  It cab be bit hard to find since there really is not much signage for the little puppy paradise, but it is located at 700 Waddell Avenue, at the corner of Vernon and Waddell.  Although it is not the best beach for people, it will be an awesome time for your pup.  Letting your dog run in the water will bring a smile to you and your furry friend. 


A day at the beach has the potential for all sorts of adventure.  Maybe laying out in the sun with your toes in the sand is your ideal beach day, or maybe playing volleyball with friends and family is your calling.  The Keys have all sorts of beaches that will make your beach day special for you.  Make sure to stay late and enjoy the sunset at least one evening though, they are spectacular. 

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