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Fresh Fish and Delicious Drinks

April 25, 2018

If you are anything like me, when it comes to traveling I think one of the most important parts is experiencing the local food.  There is something about food that brings people together and makes some of the best memories.  While traveling, I always try and find the best food and bar spots to tantalize my taste buds and have me begging for more.  If I had to choose one activity to splurge on while vacationing, I will almost always choose food over anything else. 

In the Keys some of the most sought after food is access to great seafood dishes.  For me, I crave freshGroup of raw frozen fish on ice caught fish that is prepared daily while spending time in Florida.   The Fish House, located in Key Largo is the place for fresh fish and delicious food.  Known for their laid back atmosphere, fresh fish caught daily, and of course key lime pie.  The fried cracked conch is by far many people’s favorite choice.  Being in the Keys, nothing can beat fresh caught well prepared fish. 

Another must go to eatery is DJ’s Clam Shack.  There is something to say about having a proper Maine lobster roll, and this is the place to get one. Frozen king prawns on ice - seafood concepts So many people claim whenever they visit the Keys, this is a must stop.  A classic sandwich done right with fresh ingredients and great quality will always bring a smile to anyone’s face. Plus, for me especially, lobster is delicious.

Another must do activity for me whenever I visit a new place, is for me to find a great place to grab a cocktail.  In the Keys, being by the beach with a cocktail in hand sounds like a dream.  The funny yet charming thing about the Keys is this idea of embracing their unavoidable tackiness paired with their picturesque views.  Mid section of female friends toasting glasses of cocktail in barFor this reason alone, the idea of drinking any form of a cocktail with an umbrella in my glass is perfectly alright, and honestly, might be mandatory according to many people who frequent this little bit of paradise.  The Afterdeck at Louie’s Backyard is a great place to enjoy a great drink and an awesome outdoor setting.  There is something special about the relaxed nature of the Keys.  Just being able to kick back and relax in gorgeous weather cannot be beat. 

There are so many hidden spots in the Keys.  From fresh fish caught daily to seaside drinks, there is sure to be a special spot to grab a bite while visiting. There are so many places to enjoy delicious fresh caught fish, you might just have to embrace the idea that your drink might come with an umbrella.  Not a bad trade off however. 

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