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Your Key to Romance

April 25, 2018

One of the most intriguing attributes of the Keys for many people is this idea that although the Keys are part of the United States, many feel that the identity and culture of these little islands is so much more than that.  Some people even feel that when they come to the Keys, they feel like they are visiting a foreign country.  For couples seeking a bit of a romance on their trip, the Keys offer many unique experiences for you to share with that special someone. 

Coming to the Keys is a time for relaxation.  Start your trip off right with an amazing day of pampering at a spa.  Of all spas in the Keys, one of the most well reviewed and visited spas is the Prana Spa located in the Old Town Key West at 625 Whitehead St.  Known foBeautiful woman relaxing at a spar their vast knowledge of massage techniques as well as skin care and exotic spa treatments, spending time here will really relax your mind and body.  One treatment that is truly spectacular and is one of their most popular requests, is the Prana Glow treatment.  They use a combination of pumice and apricot seeds to smooth the stress away leaving the skin glowing for days. But maybe a traditional massage is more your speed.  The Prana Spa has great options for that as well.  Maybe a Thai massage is your dream, or possibly a hot stone massage.  Woman at a spa having a massage in her faceThe Prana Spa will have something catered to your specific needs.  Spa days are wonderful for rejuvenating and feeling your best.  Getting time to relax and treating yourself is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved one.

After a relaxing day at the spa, there are some great things couples can do to keep the romance going into the evening.  If you and your lovely are looking for something truly romantic, look no further than going on a champagne celebration sunset cruiseSummer couple on the boat pointing at a cruiseThese two hour cruises take couples to enjoy champagne, wines, and an assortment of cheeses and other snacks that will surely delight.  With a glass of bubbles in your hand, and watching the sunset with your special someone, this cruise will be oh so special.  Departures for these romantic evenings change during the year depending what time the sunset is, so make sure to do your research ahead of time. 

Romantic gestures are great; however, maybe you and your special someone are a bit more adventurous.  Maybe the two of you love to be a bit exploratory while on vacation. Well then look no further than Lloyd’s Tropical Bike Tour.  Lloyd is known as a Key West local who really has a knack for showing people around.  Cheerful couple riding bikes by sunny dayHe has bike tours that he brings people on where they can literally taste what the Keys have to offer.  He is often known to have people taste a freshly cracked coconut, as well as crack a few cheesy jokes along the ride.  But what would a tour be without at least a corny joke or two? This leisurely bike tour gives you the locals knowledge of places to explore while having a close-up view of some of the wildlife and plants. 

With the great climate and laid-back atmosphere of the Keys, couples from all over are bound to make lasting memories while staying here.  With Caribbean influence, and an identity truly unique, the Keys will bring beauty to you and your special someone.  Get out and explore all the Keys has to offer.

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